Have A Plan With Your Goals Included

If you don’t have a written plan and a long-term strategy, it will be very hard to get where you want to go. I see way too many artists wasting their hard earned money on publicists, Spotify Playlisting companies and radio promotion before they are really ready. You need to work on your brand, messaging and building at least a small engaged fan base building before you jump to hiring any of these types of companies or you will not get the results you expected. A plan will help you to do this systematically and with intention rather than feeling like your pants are on fire.

Ariel Hyatt

Old Cities – Old Cities

I was expecting to start this review with a view to a quick listen to one track, pop off a few lines and then (if I’m lucky) catch up on the evenings football.

Here I am about 15 minutes later working my way through one wonderful song after another…it’s that seriously good.

There are bits of this short EP which are simply breath taking(which is what it is…too short for what we used to call an album in the old days) but…it leaves you wanting for more…like the seriously atmospheric start to “Miles” which could almost be a small piece in it’s own right but….. leads then into a simple but beautiful repetition….this is good.

Lots to ponder on over here folks “Take Flight”, “Here Again” all great songs driven by a mixture of guitars/keyboards….

Nice piano introduction to “Stars” with great vocals…great use of space in this collection. Nobody is frightened of “silence” which is something very few people either have the brains or talent to get right.

Lastly the hypnotic “I’ll see her again”…this is one collection of tracks that has leapt onto our Spotify Playlists and Twitter feeds without question.

Listen the last thing you want is to read is this copy…..just click on the above link and get listening.

This has all the hallmarks of another great act in the making from the land of Oz.

Just needs to be heard.

83 Million Subscribers means a large market folks!

Spotify has officially revealed its latest official subscriber numbers – and they’re sure to get the music business talking.

As part of its Q2 2018 fiscal announcement today (July 25), Daniel Ek’s firm has just revealed that it ended the month of June with a global paying subscriber base of 83m.

That was up by 8m on the 75m subscribers the company confirmed three months prior – at the end of March (Q1) – and up by 12m on the 71m subscribers it counted at the end of December.

In the six months from January-June 2018, then, Spotify added an average of approximately 2m subscribers a month worldwide.

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Streaming is now your New Paymaster

If you weren’t aware of this before you had better be aware of this now…Streaming is the now dominant force in Music Today…

Americans streamed a record 403 billion songs in the first six months of 2018, marking the latest milestone in the unstoppable march of music streaming services.

According to Nielsen’s US Mid-Year Music Report, audio and video music streaming now accounts for 75 percent of music consumption in the US, compared with physical and digital music sales. That figure is up from 50 percent in the first half of 2016.

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